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A study of the End Times on the basis of The Holy Bible

"Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone
according to what they have done." - Revelation 22:12

Dear Brother and Sister

We are in the end times. Most of the prophesies in the Bible have been fulfilled and the rest of them too will be fulfilled in the near future. 'The rapture' may take place any time from now onwards. It is God's desire that every human being born on this planet earth be 'saved'. Otherwise, we have to face God's judgment and eternal hell one day..... The purpose of this website is to tell everyone the dreadful future events that are going to take place in the world, which finally will lead to the end of this world. It is a warning to the believers of Jesus Christ to be serious in their walk with the Lord. It is also a loving wake up call to the people who do not believe in Jesus Christ to understand the impending danger they are in.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The central message of Christianity is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The word gospel means "good news". Christianity offers the best news of all time! Indeed, it offers the only solution to our most pressing crises. No educationl program, political party, or psychological therapy is able to address the deepest problem of the human race. Though human wisdom has brought many temporary benefits to us, history has also revealed how bankrupt we are to address the profound guilt and pervasive corruption under which our world groans.

The gospel reveals that God has come and won the victory for us. It is good news precisely because it is not about what we have done or can do, but what God has done and will do on behalf of His people. The gospel declares divine intervention into a hopeless world.

The gospel announces the good news of the coming of Jesus Christ. Approximately two thousand years ago, during the height of the Roman Empire, God sent His Son into human history in order to save people of every nation from their sins and misery. Christ was conceived by the Spirit of God in the womb of a virgin and was born Jesus of Nazareth, the God-man.

Jesus came to bear the sins of fallen men and women and to offer His life as a sacrifice in our place. His death satisfied the demands of God's justice against sinners and made it possible for a just God to pardon them. His resurrection three days later testified that He is the Son of God and the God accepted His death as full payment for our sin. Now, all people may be fully forgiven, reconciled to God, and receive eternal life through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Through this great work of salvation, God has revealed to us who He is.

The Past
(Prophesies Fulfilled)

There are a number of prophesies throughout the Old Testament of the Bible, of which many have come true. click here to know more.

The Future (Prophesies that are about to happen)

These are the things that are bound to happen and would be triggered by the event 'Rapture'. Read more...